Father’s Day Custom Covers

This Father’s Day, skip the neck tie and give your dad the ultimate personal gift by putting him on the cover of D Magazine! Choose between three different covers to celebrate your dad – it can be sentimental or silly – either way he’s the star. You can upload an image of the two of you or him on his own. The choice is yours.

Choose Your Custom D Magazine Digital Cover


What is a Father’s Day Cover?

A Father’s Day cover is a digital, faux cover with your dad featured as the star of D Magazine. There are three different covers we are offering. One, a “D Best Dad” cover that offers a more sentimental look, a “Most Interesting Dad in Dallas” cover which gives a bit of a lighter take, and a completely custom cover which allows you to write your own lines. The D Best Dad and Most Interesting Dad covers are $34.95+tax and the custom cover is $44.95+tax since it required more custom work on our end.

Are there any photo parameters?

To ensure that your photo and cover looks its best, please take note of the following requirements.

  • Vertical photos only
  • Ideal image resolution: 300 dpi
  • Max file size: 10MB
  • File types accepted: .jpg, .png, .pdf

Why does my photo have to be vertical?

Since D Magazine covers are vertical, we want to be sure that we aren’t cropping or cutting any part of your image. Please also allow for space at the top of the photo so our logo and cover lines don’t block any part of your photo.

When will I receive my digital cover?

Please allow 3-5 days to receive it! We create each of these covers by hand so we appreciate your patience. Please order your cover by June 18 to ensure you receive it before Father’s Day!

Purchase Terms

CONSENT: Please read the information below carefully before purchasing D Magazine’s 2020 Father’s Day Cover. The purchase of this product constitutes your consent and agreement to abide by the following Terms:

All sales are final and subject to D Magazine Partners, LP approval and acceptance (DMP). DMP reserves the right to reject and/or edit any image or customization to copy for any reason or at any time during the production process. DMP is not responsible for any errors in producing 2020 Father’s Day Cover for purchaser.

Photography provided was legally obtained and/or modified and purchaser has the right to use said photography for third-party production purposes.

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