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D CEO Women’s Leadership Initiative
In June 2016, D CEO launched its first annual Women’s Leadership Symposium.  In partnership with the Texas Women’s Foundation and TCU, this event has quickly become one of the most inspiring, educational and informative programs serving the Dallas-Fort Worth women’s community. Having grown to more than 500 attendees per year, and with increasingly supportive feedback from speakers, sponsors, and readers alike, D CEO is expanding this single-day event and launching a new year-long initiative beginning in 2019.

 In Print: New Monthly Editorial ‘Women Leaders’ Feature
In a new recurring feature that launched in January, D CEO editors conduct in-depth interviews with some of the region’s most dynamic women executives. They talk about challenges they’ve overcome and share their key strategies for success.

Digital Engagement: New Monthly Women’s Leadership E-Newsletter
Each month, readers get an expanded version of our ‘Women Leaders’ feature, expanded Dallas 50 content, and insights from women executives who are featured in the most recent edition of D CEO. It also includes details on upcoming Women’s Leadership events – such as the quarterly panel series, annual symposium, and partner community events.

In Person: 4th Annual Leadership Symposium (May 30) + New Quarterly Panel Speaker Series
The annual half-day Women’s Leadership Symposium is designed to inform, engage, and inspire, combining a series of keynote speakers, panel discussions, and networking opportunities. The new Quarterly Panel Speaker Series provides readers with an opportunity to listen, learn, and connect. Speaking topics will include issues impacting women in leadership roles, the state of the region and economic forecasts, business success stories, lessons learned along the way, and more.

Past Events

2018 D CEO Women’s Leadership Symposium
May 31, 2018

2017 D CEO Women’s Leadership Symposium
June 2, 2017

2016 D CEO Women’s Leadership Symposium
June 1, 2016

D CEO Women Speaker Series: On Brand
August 10, 2015

D CEO Women Speaker Series: On Barriers
May 18, 2015

D CEO Women Speaker Series: On Philanthropy
March 23, 2015

D CEO Women Speaker Series: On Business
September 29, 2014


What is D CEO Women’s Leadership?

Launched in 2016 with an editorial package and half-day symposium, our D CEO Women’s Leadership initiative has been expanded into a year-long program that also includes regular magazine features, a series of quarterly panel discussions, lunch-and-learns, and a monthly newsletter from D CEO editor Christine Perez.

When is the next event?

D CEO is proud to continue its quarterly series of breakfast panel discussions on July 18, with three outstanding women business leaders featured in the last three issues of the magazine. We all have our own definitions of success—and our own paths toward achieving it. Our panelists will share their strategies for “Blazing Your Own Trail.” Don’t miss it! RSVP here. 

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Where can I get more information?

For editorial information, contact Amanda Salerno at [email protected].

For advertising information, contact Gillea Allison at [email protected].

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