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This year, D CEO magazine and D CEO Healthcare are especially pleased to recognize outstanding healthcare executives, practitioners, organizations, and other innovative industry leaders who continue to serve and achieve—even in the midst of a pandemic.   The program honors individuals, companies, and organizations in the region’s formidable healthcare sector, plus corporate wellness initiatives across all industries. All finalists will be featured in the December issue of D CEO and at D CEO Healthcare.

Nominations Closed

Nominations for next year's program will open in July 2021.



Outstanding Healthcare Executive A healthcare executive  who demonstrates  superior  leadership  skills  and improves the organization’s  overall performance and its  ability to serve  patients.

Outstanding Healthcare Practitioner A healthcare  provider who goes above and beyond best practices to deliver extraordinary care.

Outstanding Healthcare Innovator Healthcare leader who embodies  a  culture of innovation and  plays a key role in establishing  new programs, technology,  or  systems  that  enhances an organization’s function or its provision of care.

Outstanding Healthcare Volunteer An individual who has spent  noteworthy time volunteering in a healthcare facility and is making an outsized impact on the patients and staff there.

Outstanding Healthcare Advocacy An individual who has worked outside of  his or her  regular employment capacities to  leverage  peer organizations and individuals  to advocate for improvements in the healthcare system.

Lifetime Achievement Award An individual who has demonstrated excellence and  has had  meaningful impact over the course of a career in healthcare in North Texas.


Achievement in Medical Research Unique breakthrough research that has the potential to change the delivery of healthcare for the better.

Achievement in Innovation Technology, devices, software, systems, initiatives or other programs that push the envelope of healthcare delivery in north Texas.

Outstanding Healthcare Collaboration Two organizations that came together through a merger or acquisition, partnership, or alliance to improve healthcare in the region.

Achievement in Community Outreach An innovative program, system, or education initiative that engages the community in a meaningful and high-impact way.

Achievement in Wellness Programs A program that improves the health and wellness of a patient or staff population and addresses upstream health concerns via fitness and healthy habits. (Open to healthcare and non-healthcare companies and organizations.)

Outstanding Medical Real Estate Project An upcoming or recently completed real estate deal or development that has a positive effect on the  community and the  delivery of care.

COVID-19 Impact An organization that has addressed the needs brought about by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in a unique and meaningful way.

Outstanding Health System A regional system or organization that has improved the business of healthcare and patient care in a unique and powerful way.

Congratulations to all our Excellence in Healthcare Awards Winners.


How do I make nominations?

Nominations for 2020 are closed. The program will reopen in June 2021.

How are winners selected?

The editors of D CEO and a panel of industry experts will determine the finalists and winners in all categories.

When will the winners be announced?

D CEO will announce finalists in September. Winners will be revealed at an invitation-only event in December.

Where can I get more information?

For editorial information, contact Kelsey Vanderschoot at kelsey.vanderschoot@dmagazine.com. For advertising information, contact Gillea Allison at gillea.allison@dmagazine.com.


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