Best of Big D: Heroes Edition

Usually in April, the D Magazine editorial staff is meeting monthly in a conference room that doesn’t really allow for social distancing, talking through our favorite restaurants, bars, shops, vets, columnists, hairdressers, car washer-ers, politicians, and so-on. You know where that sentence construction is leading: things have changed, and so has our annual Best of Big D feature.

Part of our annual honorarium of the best of Dallas involved asking our readers for their favorites. We heard our readers and are proud to present this special edition of our Best of Big D program.

Best of Big D Feature Story

Since 2020 has been a year like no other in our history we knew we had to approach our annual Best of Big D issue in a different way. We threw out the usual categories and asked readers to nominate people they considered heroes. There were over 900 submissions. We applaud them all. You should, too.


Thank You, Nominees.

Over 900 leaders were nominated for this year’s Best of Big D: Heroes Edition, and every single one deserves a round of applause. All of these helpers made a difference to someone, and for that, they’re all heroes.

Read the August Issue of D Magazine for Free

We don’t normally do this, but we don’t normally spend nearly 40 editorial pages on a single story. Sorry—not a single story, but somewhere around 100 smaller ones, highlighting all the heroism that we could find our community during the pandemic. We’d like to share it with you now.


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