Professional Subscriptions

Let's Make Dallas Even Better

Professional subscriptions offer a unique extension of the service you provide while reminding clients of your commitment to them with the arrival of each month’s issue. In the past year we’ve seen an incredible amount of growth breathed into the city. There’s so much to be uncovered for native Dallasites and newcomers alike, which makes D Magazine all the more valuable. We continually strive to make Dallas an even better place to live for our readers. Our award winning editorial team does that by serving up fascinating stories about the city’s past, present and future, and by offering unbiased advice on the best places to go – or skip in some cases.

As a as a professional in DFW, this is a stellar opportunity to stay top of mind with the folks that matter most to your business.

This is what you can expect with professional subscriptions:

  • 12-month subscription to D Home or D Magazine
  • Recognition as the donor of each issue with personalized labels
  • Opportunities to promote your “Best” awards
  • A hassle-free marketing initiative for only $8 per client

Order Your Professional Subscriptions

You've got questions, we've got answers!

Is there a minimum purchase requirement?

Yes. The purchase minimum is 10 subscriptions.

How does the order process work?

  1. Fill out our online order form here.
  2. Page 1 — Download the spreadsheet and fill in your clients’ information.
  3. Page 2 – Fill in company information and upload completed spreadsheet.
  4. Page 3 — Submit payment.
  5. All set!

If you have any questions, email Marrissa Robinson here.

How long does it take for my clients to receive their first issue

Your clients will receive their first issue 2-3 weeks after the order has been submitted.