Happy Hour With an Agenda is an opportunity for the community to sit down, have a beer, and talk about the biggest issues facing the city. So join us at D Magazine‘s office, grab a drink, eat some snacks, and let’s discuss how we can make Dallas a better place.

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In the past, Dallas County was known for freeing the innocent from behind bars. Today, activists have sued alleging that the county’s jail has become a debtor’s prison. Nationwide, prosecutors and advocates alike are rethinking mass incarceration, exploring the effectiveness of diversion programs and other alternative sentencing methods. As we prepare to elect a district attorney in the May elections, D Magazine is exploring the future of our county’s criminal justice system. What will reforms look like?

Pamela Metzger, the executive director of the Deason Family Criminal Justice Reform Center, will moderate a chat between Terri Burke, the executive director of the Texas ACLU; Ron Stretcher the former Director of the Dallas County Criminal Justice Department; former prosecutor Toby Shook, currently of Shook & Gunter. Join us.


Wednesday, February 28


D Magazine
750 North Saint Paul Street, Suite 2100
Dallas, TX 75201


The Panel

Terri Burke
Executive Director of the ALCU
Ron Stretcher
Former Director of the Dallas County Criminal Justice Department

Toby Shook
Shook & Gunter

Pamela Metzger
Executive Director of Deason Family Criminal Justice Reform Center


Where is Happy Hour With an Agenda?

Happy Hour With an Agenda is hosted at D Magazine‘s office. We are on the 21st floor of the St. Paul Building located at 750 N Saint Paul Street.

When is the next Happy Hour With an Agenda event?

The next Happy Hour With an Agenda event is on February 28, 2018. We will be discussing the future of the Criminal Justice system in Dallas.

Who do I contact for questions I would like the panel to answer?

We want to hear from you, if you have questions you would like the panelist to answer, email Carly Mann at [email protected]

Where can I get more information about upcoming events?

For event questions, email Carly Mann at [email protected]

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